The rope passage Zip Line project

Contractor:  "AltErego" LLC

Start date: April 10, 2017

Completion date: October 30, 2017


HAEKSHIN has implemented the construction works the rope passage Zip Line project in  Hrazdan gorge near the Davtashen bridge. This zip lines is currently the longest in the region, which has two runways. The length of the first runway is 870 meters and second runway has 650 m length, the maximum height of the runway is 123 meters.

The following works were implemented by HAEKSHIN:

  • the implementation of reinfirced concrete foundations

  • the construction of 3 steel towers (primary station, midstation, final station)

  • the installation of steel platforms and anchors 

  • the tightening of steelwire ropes 

  • the installation of mechanical part