During the period of 1990-1993 the majority of Company’s stuff moved to the disaster area after the earthquake in Armenia in 1988 and being involved in "Hydroenergoshin" union, participated in the reconstruction of towns Gyumri and Vanadzor. Settlement "Lenhek" and boiler-house "Mayisyan" with its thermal ways directed to Ani district were built and put into operation in Gyumri. Four huge boilers working on black oil and gas were mounted in the boiler-house, the power of which enables to provide heating and hot running water all over Gyumri. The main and administrative subsidiary buildings, a stationary gas supply station, a chemical laboratory, a big storehouse of black oil and more than one 100 meter high ventilating pipe have been built in the boiler-house. Around 50 monolith dwelling buildings, a school, a local boiler-house and a kindergarten have been built and put into use in Ani district in town Gyumri. 20 dwelling buildings have been built and put into use in Shirakatsi district.

In 1993-1995 the Company was in ANPP again. The contribution of the stuff was great in the maintenance of the NPP in November, 1995. Reinforcement of all the buildings and the repair works of the subsidiary building's roof have been implemented, as a result of which seismic proof of the Plants has reached 9 points on the Richter scale. Different works have been carried out connected with the construction and mounting of equipment racks and installation of technological pipes and electrical cables.

In 1994, according to IAEA requirement, the ANPP have had to be provided with alternative cooling system of the main units. The construction of the "Cooling System of Responsible Consumers" started in 1994 and was successfully finished in 2000, which provides sustenance when the cooling system is out of order. The system consists of 3 water-jumping basins, each has 5000 cubic meter capacity and is build on a special sand pad with 2 pumping stations and 10 km long pipes with 130-180 mm in diameter, with more than 30 km long cable mounting and contemporary fencing of the system territory.

In 1997-1998 a nuclear dry fuel-preserving store was built. The building is foreseen for a long-term preservation of nuclear dry fuel in temperature conditions of 1000 C degrees above zero. It is totally built of monolith based concrete on a sand pad. The works have been performed in cooperation with French "FRAMATOME" company.

 In 1997 “HAEK-i Shinararutiun” CJSC has built the section of Talin canal. In 1999 a four-kilometer long section of Armavir main canal DM0+00 till DM38+17 was built with monolith and prefabricated products. Also pipe canals, 6-9 m high bridges, water fences and pipelines were built.